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As a young man

As a young man, Johnnie worked several odd jobs to assist his mother before landing a job as a Pullman porter.  Johnnie loved traveling, seeing the world and being of service, but after working nearly three years as a porter, he was called for yet another journey and was drafted into the army.  While in boot camp in Flora, Mississippi  Johnnie met Eunice Magnolia Grisham, the woman who would later become his wife and the mother of his five children.  Johnnie served in WWII and was accidentlally shot and consequently released with an honorable discharge.

As a veteran, he later made a career working for the Veteran’s Administration as a Rehabilitation specialist, helping veterans obtain resources and assistance while transitioning from the service.  Remarkably, Johnnie wrote “Hey Boy! Hey George!” in 21 days while waiting to be selected for jury duty.

“Hey Boy! Hey George!” The Pullman porter, chronicles his days as a young adult working as a Pullman porter until he was drafted in WWII at age 29.

“At the time of this printing I am 94 years old. I was born March 25, 1914. I am not a novelist and I did not attend college for that matter. My desire was to attend college; but, I chose to work to help support my lovely mother, which I did proudly.” – Johnnie F. Kirvin

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