A Pullman Porter’s story

"I sniffed the air and felt my throat go dry. My body tensed..."

As a young man

As a young man, Johnnie worked several odd jobs to assist his mother before landing a job as a Pullman porter.  Johnnie loved traveling, seeing the world and being of service, but after working nearly three years as a porter, he was called for yet another journey and was drafted[…]

Excerpts From the Book

An excerpt from: “Hey boy! Hey George!” The Pullman Porter Chapter 2, Private Car and the Forbidden Fruit Buy now at Amazon.com! “…..The beautiful redhead glared at me, “You know I can yell rape and they’ll get you even though you haven’t done a thing.” I sniffed the air and[…]

About John

Johnnie F. Kirvin was born in Dallas, Texas on March 25, 1914.  A southern boy, Johnnie grew up economically poor, but rich in spirit.  Living under the Jim Crow laws of segregation he learned early to be cautious and alert.  Seeking a better life, Johnnie’s mother Lillian moved them west[…]

Be Inspired!

How old are you?  Not in age, but in spirit.  Is 90 the new 70?  Seniors are living longer than ever. Decades ago, many seniors lived into their 60s or 70s. Today they are entering their 80s, 90s and beyond. This is largely due to advances in medical care, however,[…]