About Johnnie

“Don’t call me George! and I’m not your boy!” I imagined my response, prepared to recite it, but knowing in actuality I could never say it that way; there was such a thing as social etiquette for the colored man, even if you were being talked down to.

What was it like to be a young, Black man trying to survive and earn a living under Jim Crow segregation laws? 

cropped-topbar.jpgJourney back in time with “Hey boy! Hey George!” The Pullman Porter  by Johnnie F. Kirvin, one of the only surviving Pullman porter’s alive today.  Kirvin wrote “Hey boy! Hey George!” The Pullman Porter in 21 days during jury duty in 1978.  Now, 37 years later at age 101, his memoir chronicles his experiences as a Pullman porter during WW II.

Some viewed Pullman porters as prestigious breadwinners, while others viewed them merely as glorified servants.   Experience Kirvin’s challenges firsthand in “Hey boy! Hey George!” The Pullman porter then decide for yourself.  It’s a sure-fire educational and emotional ride you’ll never forget!